The Busy Businessman

It was a busy day. The kind of busy that makes your head spin because you don’t have a single thought that is your own. The brain moves from one thing to the next, cycling through the endless list of things to do.

Lost in his own thoughts, he held onto the hand rails of the subway as it screeched to a halt. His other hand was gripping his briefcase, filled with papers that would be part of a presentation that would determine his entire future. As he stepped off the subway and headed for the escalator, he could feel the cool breeze of autumn smack him in the face. This was the kind of autumn day that you spent in a sweater on the back porch reading a John Grisham novel. The sound of cars and people shouting for a taxi quickly brought him back to reality. He made his way down the busy street, stopping only for traffic lights unless he was certain he could cross the street without being creamed. He made sure to put his entire attention on crossing the road because too many people get hit because they’re not paying attention. He has seen it one too many times unfortunately. He passed a man in a suit reading a paper, a family that appeared to be lost, and a woman who was talking quite obnoxiously on the phone to someone whom she obviously resented.

As he approached his destination he noticed a homeless man and made a quick dash through the door instantly bringing his thoughts back to the contents inside his briefcase. Did he make enough copies for everyone? Should he have spent more time working on the visuals? Better run a spell check one more time just to be sure, he thought. The last thing he needed was to have something so stupid as a simple word that was misspelled. All credibility is lost at that point and he has put too much time and effort into his work to let that happen.

He’s not the only one who has sacrificed over the last three months leading up to this. The preparation for this presentation took its toll on his wife and children as he vastly became an absentee husband and father. Late nights and early mornings at the office. Crunching numbers, going through a myriad of spreadsheets. Meeting after meeting. Now this is his opportunity to make it all count. To show his wife and children that it was all worth it. To be able to provide them with more things, and really show them how much he loves them.

As the elevator door opened to the ninth floor, he could see the conference room in the back and it was steadily filling up with associates and big wigs. He watched as they were all finding their seats around the round mahogany table that taunted him the longer he stared at it. He quickly ducked into his office and whipped out his computer from his briefcase in order to run the spell check one last time. The spelling check popped up complete and a sigh of relief came over him. To have to print off more copies because of a spelling error would have been a nightmare. He glanced at the clock on the wall, he had about fifteen minutes until he needed to be in the conference room.

He decided to lock his briefcase up in his office and dashed down to the seventh floor to use the facilities. Not that he needed to, he just wanted to have some quiet time and splash some water on his face. He discovered this remote bathroom about six weeks ago when he was working late one night. He was so tired on his way out that he hit the number 7, mistaking it for a 1, and wound up on the seventh floor walking around trying to find the exit. That’s what over 72 hours without sleep will do to you. It didn’t take him too long to figure out he was on the seventh floor, and he eventually made his way out of the building and in the process discovered this small bathroom tucked away near a storage closet. It quickly became his haven for peace.

Drops off water trickled down his face as he bent over the bathroom sink and stared at himself in the mirror. The corporate life was seeming to get the better of him. More thoughts began to flood into his brain and he lowered his head in defeat. He saw bright yellow peak out from underneath the cuff of his shirt. It caught him entirely off guard and he instantly found his mind cleared. He stood up right and wrestled the yellow band out from underneath his shirt sleeve. It slowly revealed the white letters “S1tK.” His eyes welled up with tears as he realized that he was Martha, busy with the cares of this world. He placed the three fingers of his right hand together while bringing his pinky and ring finger down to touch his palm. He thought of the triune God for the first time since the day before as he made the sign of the cross. With conviction, he whispered the Lord’s prayer, and thanked God for reminding him to seek the one thing needful. He dried his face off, sent a quick “I love you” text to his wife, and proceeded back up to the ninth floor to continue on his journey, only this time, he did it while S1tKing.

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