1. What does S1tK stand for?  Seek 1st the kingdom
  2. What is the purpose of S1tK?  To remember God every day through S1tK.
  3. What does it mean to S1tK?  First, we have to look at Matthew chapter 6, where Jesus talks about seeking first the kingdom. We are not to be anxious or worry, we are called to trust in our heavenly Father. A person S1tK’s when they shift their focus away from themselves and towards God.
  4. Why do I need to S1tK?  The reality is our fallen human condition. We must realize we are no better than Israel who constantly fell away from God. The reason for our falling is because we focus on worldly things. We have more distractions through technology than ever before, hence, it’s really important to make sure we have a way to bring that focus back to God. The need to obey the teaching of Jesus, by S1tKing, is to bring that focus back to God.
  5. Is S1tK like WWJD?  What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD?) is a reminder in the midst of life’s choices to refocus your decisions based on what Jesus would do in a given situation. Though S1tK serves as a reminder, it’s also a call to action. A call for an increase in faith through trusting God in your daily life. God has a plan for you, and to realize that plan you must S1tK every moment of the day, as often as you can.
  6. How can I S1tK every day?

    There are four building blocks to S1tK’ing:

    1. See every person as one who is struggling on their path towards God. Doing this will help build compassion to enable step 2.
    2. 1st love God so you can love your neighbor. This will help us see others as God sees them and enable step 3.
    3. Take the focus off ourselves and focus on our neighbor. This helps us care about the needs of others.
    4. Kindness will begin to show at all times, in all places, towards all people. At this point, we can become the good Samaritan and S1tK every day.