If you ever been in school with your friends who were talking about the latest movie or celebrity drama, and you found yourself out of the loop on the latest gossip – you’re not alone. There are tons of teens out there just like you. They’re called Christians, who are trying to live their faith and not conform to the world around them. Continue to seek first the kingdom with the S1tK message. You don’t have to conform to them, show them what you’re all about. Make a statement with an S1tK bracelet, and take the conversation to new heights as you take the topic off of the latest celebrity breakup and put it on Christ – right where it needs to be. Make sure you have some extra on hand to pass out to your friends who want to get on board with what’s important to you.

For our youth this is a serious call to action – to remember God.

This isn’t about flaunting your faith, or wearing it on your sleeve. Of course, you can absolutely do that if you choose. S1tK is about reminding yourself of what’s important as you go about your day. Martha understood the mundane tasks that needed to be done, but it was Mary who understood the “greater portion,” which is Christ.

Friendships and familial duties need to be maintained; God calls us to that. Work and school have to be done; after all, we live in the world and need money and an education to survive. But it’s not about doing all these things, and after the fact thanking God or whispering a quick prayer before bed. It’s about bringing God into all these things through making a conscious effort to remember Him, along with the other things that need to be done. Include Him in your day.

Know your value as a child of God. Understand the wisdom of the thief on the cross who asked God to remember him. It is never a one way street. God became incarnate so that we might know Him, and you have to make the effort to do so. That’s what S1tK is all about – helping you to make that effort.

S1TK today!

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)

A quick message to the parents: In this world, our youth are the future of the Christian faith, and now more than ever, they need to be supported. Our youth are bombarded by countless distractions and expectations; we hope and pray that our youth will continue to remember and call upon God every day – in every situation. We want our youth to keep God at the center of their lives. We must understand that they are distracted by technology and all its forms, school, relationships, and the pressure that we, as parents, put on them. With a simple accessory we can help them to remember God today, so they can become the Christian leaders of tomorrow that our world so desperately needs them to be.

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